About us

Who are we?

Conservas Lago Paganini specializes in processing and distributing canned sea products. Our specialities are blue fish ( sardine, pilchard, mackerel, small mackerel and needlefish) and  mussel.

Established in 1915, by Pedro Montemerlo Botassi, in Cangas del morrazo ( Pontevedra), our company specializes in the artesanal manufacture of the producto, in line with all the requirements of a food company of the 21st century.

It was at the tirn of the 20th century when  industrialists from Italy and Catalonia settled on the Galician coastline, putting to Good use the quality and abundance of the marine species found in our rias, particularly sardine. Up to as many as 150  canning industries were present in Galicia, 20 of which were located in the municipal district of Cangas. Today only two continue operating, one of these being the Lago Paganini canning company.

Conservas Lago Paganini is a family-run company which, since 1915, artisanally produces blue fish and mussel.

Following the premise that “ por fish does not become Good in the can”, only the best raw materials are used, in optimum conditions, thus allowing us to offer the best canned products. Fish is then immersed in brine, steam cooked, and cut and packed by hand. After covering in olive oil or other sauces, it is sealed for sterilizing and canned.The process for processing mussel is similar: selection by size, frying and subsequently packing by hand and covering in pickled sauce. Finally, it is sealed, sterilized and canned. The risk and critical point control system, designed for our production, is aplied to all products, to ensure máximum quality in our canned products.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to offer products of high quality elaborated with prime matters selected. We are engaged with excellent standards of hygiene and quality in all the stages of the process, from the reception of the prime matters until the delivery of the final product to the consumer.

Our vision forces us to be innovative, to mark the difference through the traditional preparation of preserves of high quality and to attain a positive impact in the community and in the environment. We encourage us continuously for improving the processes, always respecting our values and ethical business. 

We believe in the sustainable development, in the social responsibility of our activities and are engaged with our surroundings collaborating with different associations of cultural character, sportive and social, as well as with the generation of local employment.

Our commitment with the environment

We have a strong commitment with the conservation and protection of our surroundings and because of that in August of 2022 we installed four hundred photovoltaic signposts to generate 180 kilowatts of clean and efficient energy that equals to one hundred tonnes less than broadcasts of CO2.

Besides, we work only with electrical companies that obtain his energy of photovoltaic parks, of this way extend our commitment with the reduction of broadcasts to the atmosphere.